24 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas to make him say WOW

DIY Christmas gifts are fun to make & your friends will love to receive them too! After all, It just feels that lil’ bit more special when you know someone has taken the time to create a meaningful homemade Christmas gift just for you. Handmade gifts will also be a big money saver for you this Christmas… something we can all be thankful for. So, after scouring the internet, I’ve found 24 Christmas traditions that I specifically chose because I think they could fun AND promote family bonding, acts of service, or thoughts of Christ. What are your favorite Christmas traditions??

Every year, I end up spending a ton of money on gifts, decorations & food… without much thought! This month I’ve been thinking a lot about Christmas traditions and what the heck I want my little family’s traditions to be! My husband has a couple ideas from his family and I have a couple ideas from mine, but I want some traditions that are OURS. You feel me?? Yet, whether the traditions are ours or somebody else’s, I really want to make the Christmas season a meaningful and educational time for my kids.

And trust me when I say easy… Christmas is a busy time of year for us moms… with all the planning, cleaning & decorating you have to do, the last thing you’re going to want to do is to figure out how to use complicated tools & master a difficult skill! So today, I’m only going to be showing you simple DIY Christmas gifts that you’ll easily be able to make yourself! So here is the coaster tutorial to end nicely complement all other coaster tutorials! But how many of them have OWLS?!