23 Easy Mason Jar Christmas Craft Ideas

It is amazing the things that we can do with mason jars.Their use extends from the norm of being used indoors and extends to outdoor usage in many ways, more than we imagined. All of these ideas are so pretty and so easy to make for the Holidays. I have always loved mason jars. I even drink out of them! Some of these ideas would also make great Christmas gifts. This is also another idea how you can bring a natural look into your home.

Weather we are trying to use them to light up an intimate dinner outdoors or to bring light to your indoor setting. In this post we will try and bring you the all the possible mason jar ideas that you can use around the house and extend it to their outdoor uses. We carry a large inventory of pint and quart Mason Jars in clear and in colors. We have multiple lid types as well to make them into several different kind of containers. Some by soon and see our selection and craft ideas. There are many examples in the stores and a team member can help you get all you need to make the Mason jar project of your choice.

Although intended for canning, it seems Mason Jars can be used for almost anything! We’ve found many craft and gift ideas for them. Look through our gallery of ideas. Pops up the subject of homemade crafts, decorations as well as festive presents and mason jars grab the top seat for themselves in the list of everything awesome that can get those projects going. And mason jars allow you to make unique personalized gifts for your friends and family, that too with utmost ease and just a few minutes.