21 3D Noodle Christmas Trees Craft

Make some fun 3D pasta christmas trees with your kids this Christmas! Just roll a piece of cardboard into a cone then hot glue it together. Put a strip of hot glue around the bottom and quickly stick the noodles on! Once you’re done spray paint it or have the kids paint each noodle. Add some glitter and a bow-tie noodle for the “star!” Make 3D noodle pasta christmas trees for a christmas craft with the kids! So easy and pretty for decorations.

However, after a quick brainstorming, we came up with swimming noodles and duct tape. I was suppose to set it up before the retreat, and I had a sinking feeling the night before. I thought it just wasn’t going to work. I hadn’t thought it through enough and suddenly realized I needed a base to keep it standing straight. Also, since we were navigating new waters, I was just unsure of the concept. Well, it worked, and it was actually really cool. I was super stoked about the results.

Unique christmas art project to make. Bow tie noodles and shells! A fun 3D paper Christmas tree that is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. This fun Christmas tree is a great construction paper craft that you can create with your kids. So grab some Christmas colored paper scraps and let’s create this fun Christmas 3D tree! This past weekend we had our church family camp, and the theme was about us being a church family. They wanted to create a 3 dimensional tree where each leaf would house a picture of a family that was on the retreat. They asked me to create it. We started brainstorming ideas. All I had seen done in the past was a paper mache or twisted paper version.