14 Century Modern Cane Back Breuer Dining Chair

With or without arms, wood or metal frames, brown or black edges – it simply doesn’t matter. And because they’re so popular right now it’s extremely hard to find one for a reasonable price. The cantilevered form exploits the possibilities unique to the material and gives the chair added flexibility and comfort. Each of these bedrooms is clean, lovely, modern, and just a touch luxurious—not frilly, but with a certain something that makes you linger. Vintage “Cesca Chair” designed by Marcel Breuer.

One of the most intriguing sections appears near the end, focusing on chairs with “special” uses—including wheelchairs, strollers, swings, and folding chairs—and detailing how many of them have deep historical roots. Rybczynski shares his thoughts on seven of the most influential chairs in the book. Reupholstered seats in deep emerald green velvet. Six available, sold individually.

All of these rooms have enough texture, enough scope for the imagination to draw you in, but also a restful simplicity that invites you to stay. The iconic seat features hand-woven cane inserts and a clear-lacquered or ebonized beech frame. An armchair is also available. However I managed to spot one in one of the second hand furniture depots in Montreal.