10 DIY Natural Hand Sanitizer

I started thinking about hand sanitizer because I had a cute little pump bottle that was sitting around unused. The pump bottle came in a two pack with a mist bottle, which was the one I really wanted to use with my Homemade Glycerin Skin Moisturizer. I plunked the pump bottle on my dresser and I’d been looking at it for a couple weeks wondering how to put it to good use. I finally decided it would make the perfect little bottle for some hand sanitizer in my car. And of course from there I started thinking, why not make my own?

In my search for how to make homemade hand sanitizer, I found that most recipes used rubbing alcohol. This made sense as there needs to be some way to kill germs. Commercial hand sanitizers like Purell will have a concentration of somewhere between 60% to 90% alcohol. Some of the homemade recipes were specifically trying to avoid that much alcohol and were using just a teaspoon or two and were then supplementing the mixture with tea tree oil or peppermint oil that are thought to have antiseptic properties. Other recipes were attempting to stay to true to the higher mixture of alcohol, but might add an ingredient like glycerin to combat the drying effects. Ultimately, I liked a very simple recipe that used equal parts aloe vera gel and rubbing alcohol. This mixture was 50% alcohol so it was quite close to the commercial brands