10 Beautiful Antiqued Dressers

Whether it’s past its prime, rough around the edges or orphaned by its owner, there’s an appeal to antiqued dressers and designers and decorated can’t get enough. This piece came from an estate sale. While these two pieces came into our store from two different avenues, when they were sitting next to each other in the store they were so similar that we knew they would be perfect together! Today, they don’t make furniture in the same way they used to.

It is a true antique, held together with square head nails. Mass production has taken over and truly unique pieces with fine craftmanship are nearly impossible to find. And now we have the perfect antique vanity and dresser set! This pretty lady was sitting there in all her wood glory, and she came home with me! It had a few bumps and scrapes, as well as a couple different colors of paint on the inside of the drawers.

As much as I love a clean, pristine paint finish, I really felt this piece should keep some of its history. Searching for antiques is half the fun. In a world full of fast-paced media, instant gratification and constant updates, many are searching to fill their homes with pieces from a place far away in a time long ago. But when you find the perfect piece, it’s like you’ve reached the end of a treasure hunt and won the golden ticket.