29+ Best Small, Simple Tattoos For Men 2019

Every guy at one point or another during his lifetime has entertained the idea of getting a tattoo. To some, tattoos are a right of passage, and to others, a way of life. Yet most men get tattoos for one simple reason; they look cool. However, as you’ll soon discover, tattoos can be so much more than just a pretty piece of art to look at. 

Tattoos of nature can include a wide range of options for those looking to get a new tattoo. From stunning landscapes filled with trees and mountains to your favorite animals or flowers, tattoo lovers have plenty of choices to choose from. Small and simple tattoos have become immensely popular in recent years.

Whether you are getting your first tattoo and want some easy artwork or adding to a growing collection of ink, there are numerous small simple tattoos that pack a ton of meaning into a tiny space. After all, small tattoos can be much more tasteful, especially if you are a professional in the workplace.

According to yours truly, halftone style tattoos are some of the most underrated designs out there. Not unlike regular dotwork tattoos, halftone designs are made up of a number of strategically placed dots, but what separates halftone designs from your typical dotwork technique is the reliance on larger rounded dots which take more than a few movements to create.