28+ Modern Kitchen Ideas You’ll Dream

Having big size kitchen is a dream of most of cooking lovers. Big kitchen will make them easily move around and prepare the food. However, that’s not entirely correct. I have always dreamed of having a farmhouse and I’ve always hoped to live the country life one day. I have to confess that I have spent hours and hours pinning farmhouse kitchens, bathrooms, and farmhouse decor ideas over the years.

There is something about the mountains, rivers, fresh air, and farmland that speaks to my soul. After all of these years I’m so happy to say that I see the possibility of this dream of mine come true. So, pretty great, right? But you’re probably thinking, How in the world am I going to pull that off? The truth is, not many of us are able to fully redesign our kitchens. I wish!

But that can’t stop us from being inspired by these beautiful designs and taking a little from each to make something of our own! Big size kitchen with too much empty space can be really troublesome. It can waste your time, if you have to move around from one side to the other side, just in order to prepare your food or take the utensils that you need.

Don’t we love kitchens! Even if you don’t cook, most of us have a love affair with a great looking kitchen! And farmhouse kitchens are so on trend right now. They never go out of style really… because they are such a classic! I’m happy to see farmhouse kitchens so popular right now! A farmhouse kitchen can be dressy and elegan, chippy and rustic or anything in between!