28 Creative Ways to Cover Your Patio

Basically a dining room with its exterior walls knocked out, this covered patio is the perfect spot for dining al fresco. The exposed beamdesign creates a ‘built-in’ look by using building materials and design elements that integrate seamlessly with the rest of the house no one will ever know it’s an add-on. Every garden will benefit from a good tidy up, so dig out your wheelbarrow and get blitzing. As well as clearing up leaves, weeds, plants that haven’t survived the frost and rubbish, you can neaten the edge of your lawn for a more manicured look.

The trend for turning your garden and outside areas into an extra living space has never been hotter. Regardless of the climate you live in, there are many reasons, ranging from style to function, for investing in a covered patio. Your only option is disguise it. It’s pretty tough to enjoy summer activities in a backyard that bakes in the afternoon heat. We all need a way to get out of the sun, but still be able to spend time outdoors.

These days, patio covers go by many names pergola, trellis, canopy and they all qualify as stylish patio covering options. Whatever there are plenty of ways for you to be imaginative. If winter has taken its toll on your patio, now’s the perfect time to get your garden into shape, so you can host barbecues and brunches from the first sunny day. Here are five smart ways to make your garden gorgeous.